Below you will find some basic information about how to use mushroom microdoses for therapeutic purposes. These will typically be doses from 75 mg to 200 mg. All our products contain 125 mg psilocybin cubensis. We have seen the best results at this level of psilocybin cubensis per microdose.


Typically we will recommend taking a microdose four days in a row and take a 3 days rest.


The body quickly develops a tolerance for psilocybin cubensis. Taking psilocybin too often produces a rapidly diminishing effect. If you take a dose every day on a long term basis, the effect will be greatly reduced. This is why it is important to take a break in your schedule to ensure maximum benefits.

After a course of 12-16 weeks of doses you can consider taking a 1-2 week break and seeing how you feel.

At this point, if you wish to continue microdosing, you have the option of starting a new 12-16 week course of therapy, and then consider taking another 1-2 week break to evaluate.

Here is an example of a different protocol used in microdosing.